3 unique advantages of actigaze™

1. accuracy

actigaze™ allows you to click links with your eyes, as accurately as with the mouse: other gaze-based techniques often cause misclicks.

2. ease of use

In controlled user studies, many participants were excited about actigaze™. Once you have used it you don't want to use the mouse again.

3. speed

Clicking with actigaze™ is almost as fast as using the mouse, and often faster than other common techniques such as trackpads.

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1 August 2016: actigaze on BBC Science Hour

actigaze featured in The Science Hour of the BBC World Service radio.


27 July 2016: actigaze on BBC Click

actigaze featured in the Click programme of the BBC World Service radio.


20 June 2016: Health Tech Award for actigaze

The actigaze technology has won the Health Tech Award 2016 at the New Zealand MedTech CoRE conference, held in June.


19 June 2016: actigaze on NZ TV3

An interview about actigaze was broadcast in the New Zealand TV3 News.


25 May 2016: Innovation challenge prize for actigaze

The actigaze technology has won an innovation challenge prize at the velocity prize giving.


20 February - 30 June 2016: actigaze at MOTAT

actigaze was showcased in the exhibition "Eyetrackers: Between Art and Neuroscience" at the New Zealand Museum of Transport and Technology.


The actigaze technology was published in the following scientific paper:

Christof Lutteroth, Moiz Penkar, and Gerald Weber (2015). Gaze vs. Mouse: A Fast and Accurate Gaze-Only Click Alternative. In Proceedings of the 28th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software & Technology (UIST '15). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 385-394.

Author Manuscript (PDF)

Stable link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2807442.2807461



We would like to acknowledge all those who worked with us on the actigaze project over the years:

Dr A Moiz Penkar
Ken Neth Yeoh
Dr Kai Cheung Leung
Dr Clemens Zeidler
Behzad Farokhi
Priyankit Singh

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Project leaders: Dr Gerald Weber, Dr Christof Lutteroth, Dr Katherine Lutteroth

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