3 unique advantages of actigaze™

When you use actigaze™ for a few minutes, you don't want to use a mouse again!


actigaze™ allows you to click links with your eyes, as accurately as with the mouse: other gaze-based techniques often cause misclicks.

Ease of use

In controlled user studies, many participants were excited about actigaze™. Once you have used it you don't want to use the mouse again.


Clicking with actigaze™ is almost as fast as using the mouse, and often faster than other common techniques such as trackpads.

User Friendly Interface,
Very Easy To Use

Eye gaze technology figures out where on the screen someone is looking, so the eyes trigger clicks and scroll the page instead of your hands. But until now the technology has been slow and inaccurate. We've developed a new technique, which is a gamechanger.